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Upgrade Your Server Infrastructure with VMware Virtualisation
Get more out of your hardware by running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer. VMware server virtualisation products are fundamentally changing today’s IT infrastructure by letting you increase hardware utilization, lower power consumption, and reduce your capital and operating costs.

Run multiple unmodified operating systems on a single server by partitioning that server into multiple virtual machines, each with its own virtual processors, memory, networking, and storage. There are multiple options for deploying VMware virtualisation.
  • Build an enterprise-class virtual infrastructure with VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, creating unprecedented levels of availability and centralized management across your IT environment built on our VMware ESX hypervisor.
  • Partition a single server into multiple virtual machines with VMware ESXi, VMware’s production-proven bare-metal hypervisor. Later, upgrade to an enterprise-class virtual infrastructure by adding VMware Infrastructure.
  • Partition a single Windows or Linux server into multiple virtual machines with the free VMware Server, which runs as an application on top of the operating system.
Regardless of your IT needs or budget, VMware has a product that lets you optimize your IT infrastructure.

Transform Computing with VMware Infrastructure
Build an automated IT infrastructure with VMware Infrastructure 3. Manage multiple virtual servers, rapidly provision new applications, and provide high availability to all your applications. Centralized management, live migration of virtual machines across physical servers, resource pools, and simplified disaster recovery let you drastically reduce hardware costs, management costs and power consumption.

Get Started Quickly with Production-class Virtualisation
VMware ESXi provides high performance single server partitioning for the most resource intensive applications, while allowing you to get up and running with virtual machines in a matter of minutes. Its small footprint, just 32Mb, minimizes the resources required for security hardening, user access control, anti-virus and backup processes. VMware ESXi is built on the same technology as VMware ESX, the market leading hypervisor which is deployed in production environments by 86% of VMware customers.

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Simplify Test and Development on Linux or Windows
Partition a single physical Linux or Windows server into multiple virtual machines with the free VMware Server. VMware Server installs as an application on the operating system. Simplify application testing with a “build once, deploy many times” process. Get new servers running in minutes without buying new hardware.

VMware VDI: An Integrated Desktop Virtualisation Solution
VMware VDI is an integrated desktop virtualisation solution that delivers enterprise-class control and manageability with a familiar user experience. VMware VDI, built on VMware’s industry leading and proven virtualisation platform, provides new levels of efficiency and reliability for your virtual desktop environment.
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With VMware VDI, you get the proven VMware VSphere software along with VMware Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM), an enterprise-class desktop management server that securely connects users to virtual desktops in the data center and provides an easy to use web-based interface to manage the centralized environment. VMware VDI provides users with desktop business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities that until now were available only for mission-critical server applications.

Streamline Management, Reduce Costs & Increase Security
Organizations worldwide use VMware VDI to streamline desktop management, increase security, and reduce costs. Using VMware VDI, the time it takes to deploy a desktop is typically reduced to minutes, optimizing the value of IT resources and getting end users productive faster. VMware VDM is a flexible and intuitive desktop management server enabling IT administrators to quickly provision and tightly control user access. With these operational and security savings, customers realize a significant return on investment from their VMware VDI deployments.

Deliver Complete Desktop Environments for a Familiar User Experience
With VMware VDI, end users get a complete, unmodified virtual desktop that behaves just like a normal PC. There is no change to the applications or desktop environment, no application sharing and no retraining required. Administrators can allow users to install applications, customize their desktop environment and use local printers and USB devices. Users also get better support with VMware VDI because Help Desk technicians can perform tasks in the data center that would normally require an in-person visit.

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